Why a global education?

For students studying foreign languages, Global Affairs, International Relations, or related fields, early opportunities to study and work abroad can be incredibly beneficial. International experience provides an opportunity to develop language skills in an immersive environment, maneuver new cultural landscapes, and engage with those of different backgrounds. Transfer students often don’t come in contact with these opportunities until after they arrive at a four-year institution. This is a problem because, by that time, they’ve already missed the window to apply to a number of such programs. One example includes the Fulbright UK Summer Institutes, which are targeted at college freshman and sophomores.

Similarly, with just two years left of school, transfer students often have to be incredibly strategic to fit in the study abroad and international internship opportunities that they are still eligible for. For those hoping to apply to graduate school abroad or to obtain competitive funding for such study through programs like the Rhodes, Truman, Marshall, Fulbright, or Schwarzman scholarships, they often have less than a year to prepare. The Global Community College Transfer Network seeks to catch these students early on—before this bottleneck of international opportunities occurs.

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